Breathe Easy: Must Have Respiratory equipment

Breathe Easy: Must Have Respiratory equipment

Posted by k on 4th May 2023

Breathe Easy; Must Have Respiratory Equipment

Maintaining a safe working environment is key. 

One essential aspect is to use respiratory protection. 

Here we explore the must-have respiratory equipment to help you create a healthier and more secure working environment. 


Disposable Dust Masks 

A low-cost, lightweight solution for providing basic protection against dust, pollen and other non-toxic particles. They come in various designs and filtration levels, so you can choose one that suits your needs. 

FFP1,2&3 Dust Masks 

Categorised based on filtration efficiency. 

- FFP1 = Offers the lowest protection of 80% 

- FFP2 = Offers 95% protection. The middle man. A popular choice for many industries. 

- FFP3 = Offers the highest protection of 99%. The go to for many choices. 


If you require more advanced protection, half and full-face may be the way to go. 

- Full Face Mask =  Cover your mouth, nose and eyes.

- Half Mask = Cover your mouth and nose 

Both are designed to be equipped with replaceable filters to protect against various hazards. 

Choosing The Right Filters 

Make sure to select the appropriate filters based on the contaminants in your workplace. Filters are often colour-coded according to the types of hazards they protect against. 


If it's maximum respiratory protection you're after, this is the top choice. 

These are a battery-powered device, which uses a fan to draw air through filter and deliver clean air to the wearer. 

Ideal for environments with high levels of contaminants or use of an extended period.


Fit testing kits 

To ensure the best possible protection, perform a fit test. 

Fit testing kits help to determine whether your mask is sealing correctly.

Cleaning and storage solutions 

To maintain the effectiveness of your respirator, invest in cleaning kits, sanitising wipes and storage bags. 

Replacement Filters And Parts 

Make sure to regularly replace filters and other parts of your masks like the head straps and cartridges to ensure top performance and safety. 

Industry-Specific Respiratory Protection

Different industries have unique respiratory protection needs. 

Here are some examples:


You asked us 

How do I know which filters to choose for my respirator? 

Filters are actually colour coded, based on the types of hazards they protect against. 

Make sure to consult the manufacturers guidelines or a health and safety professional to determine the appropriate filters for your workplace. 

How often should I replace the filters in my respirator? 

It really depends on certain factors such as the type of filter, the concentration of contaminants and usage. 

Once again make sure to check manufacturer guidelines or health and safety professional for recommendations.

What is the purpose of fit testing for respirators? 

Fit testing ensures your respirator is sealing correctly around your face, providing optimal protection. a poor fit can allow contaminated air to leak into the breathing zone and reduce the masks effectiveness.

All in all, when it comes to respiratory protection, investing in must have equipment is a wise decision.

By selecting the appropriate gear, you can ensure a safer + healthier work environment.

Your respiratory health is in your hands.

Choose wisely and breathe easy!